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In a digital context, this can involve hours surfing the internet, reading about the industry, the problem, to potential users, thinking about the idea with one or even stay alone and think about it in your If your mental canvas is not big enough for your imagination, feel free to use paper and pen. It is also a good time to find out if you have any existing competitors in the market. If you try their product, check the good or bad things users are saying in the media and Play Store and App Reviews If possible, talk to some of these users. Also try to find out if there have been others and actors in the past who have tried the same. Find out why they had to close or why they failed. Remember that life is too short for our own mistakes. We need to learn from mistakes as well as other accomplishments.


Once you have completed step №1, you have a fair idea of ​​the type of uses for which your product will be intended. Try to create fictitious character profiles based on them with details of who they are, what their main objective is and what is the main obstacle preventing them from achieving that objective.
These characters are also called personas. For projects that last longer , many prefer to print these profiles on sheets of paper glue them on so that it is easier to get on often.


Once you’ve taken this step II, you shouldn’t have thoughts like: “Oh, I haven’t thought about what will happen when the user does X and Y and the scenario Z?”
Make sure you understand all the details associated with premise.Lots of people also refer to the scene as the search, but I won’t suggest that the search is just a means and not the end of the scene.In the case of tea it was and if I used sugar, jaggery, or if I chose to ignore it completely depended on situation and preference of the consumer.In the same way, the point of this stage is to understand the problem completely.Whether you do your own research, the results of from existing research or whether you follow mix of the two, again, that is entirely dependent on the situation.

Sometimes if you naturally feel that you have all the background you need, all the understanding you need, then you can skip the step.Yes, you heard me right.I just say that you can completely skip the most important one.This happens in the case of projects more like incremental changes, where you have already all contexts since you have been working on it for some time.


After doing all of these things, you will have a revised and approach which may be very different from what you initially thought in the case of the British Air Force or it might be something that is just slightly different from your original idea.If that happens, you might think: “Were these work and research efforts just this marginal change?” “
Well, don’t you worry, because this premiere is like archery, where even a deviation of the origin can create quite different results.Something like a butterfly effect.


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