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4 Weeks

Project Type:

Mobile Application


– Management (sprint planning)
– UX analysis (flows and persona)
– UI Design (mobile app)




Over the years, digital booking apps for travelers have become the niche. New technologies continue to grow in prominence for leisure travelers. Trends among respondents from Travelport’s Digital Traveler Survey indicate that travel apps are vital for flights and hotels, with over 3.7 million youth traveling a year. With accessibility, comes affordability, and many students who travel are faced with financial hardships at some point during their travels when trying to find activities at a reasonable cost.


  • Design a mobile application that aims to allow people on a low budget to travel efficiently and affordably
  • Find new opportunities for travelers during their travels
  • Provide people an effortless and seamless booking process


Travel products in the market place too much emphasis on finding the best price for flights and accommodations, and not enough on others such as the best prices for activities, excursions, and places to dine. A gap still exists for booking other travel-related products digitally at a low cost. This is where the current mainstream apps fail which is something that needs to become more accessible with the solution of a low-budget excursion mobile application.


  • Create a mobile friendly platform that aims to allow students on a low budget to travel efficiently and affordably
  • Offer personalized and customizable itineraries, containing excursions and places to dine at a low cost

Target Audience:

Students or people with low-income, low-budget travellers

The Design Process: